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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
On site F.A.E. provides engineering support - from start to finish
E.D.I. (Electronic Data Interchange) reduces your paper work
J.I.T. provides product at your dock at production time
ISO certification from the DNV Registrar (ANSI-RAB & Rva) assures quality
Bar-coding increases accuracy and processing speed
Ability to test dissipation, tolerance, and visual characteristics - as requested
Specialized Packaging Ability lets you do it the way you need it
Over 20 Years of EXPERIENCE will give you the competitive edge
About Us
JARO is the manufacturer you can depend on...
Since 1976, JARO Components has been a pioneer manufacturer of ISO certified, passive and thermal electronic components. In addition to quality components, JARO provides dynamic and custom-tailored services to global OEM Customers throughout the world. This is a rare commidity in today's times. Jaro's headquarters are located in Boca Raton, Florida, with production facilities located in China, Taiwan, and Korea. In addition, JARO has distribution centers in Miami, Chicago, Puerto Rico, and Ireland.

Over the years, JARO has grown consistently as a decentralized, global network of sales and service centers, assisting the growing needs of customers and contract manufacturers in their respective locales. With technological prowess, JARO continues to provide a myriad of customized services that is rarely seen in the manufacturing world. Some of these services include on-site FAE engineering support, bar-coding integration, tailored software interfacing, EDI, the ability to fit, form, and function, systematized inventory replenishment based on your MRP, and customer specified packaging and labeling.

Pictured: Jaro Components' Boca Raton, Florida headquarters
Jaro Components' Boca Raton Headquarters
Our Leadership
JARO's entire STAFF is committed to the customer. From top down, JARO is dedicated to continuous and real improvement in the areas of customer service, product quality, and lead time efficiency. All employees are required to know and live their quality policy by heart.
Quality Control

JARO's SPC environment is supported by a 'measure to control it' policy of continuous improvement for zero defects. This applies to all aspects of JARO's business, service, and manufacturing. JARO is also an ISO registered company.
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