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Sunday, June 4, 2023
Jaro manufactures one of the broadest selections of capacitors, resistors, and thermal products in the world.

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New LEAD-FREE Ceramic Chip Capacitors Meet 2005 Requirements
Jaro Components, Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of passive components and thermal systems, announced the creation of a new lead-free, Ceramic Chip Capacitor - just one year after introducing new lead-free chip resistors. The new CCL series of capacitors are designed to meet the upcoming 2005 lead-free requirement, as well as mandatory environmental protection standards that will soon require environmental-impact substances such as lead to be eliminated. For companies doing business in Europe, where the sale of lead-bearing electronic products will be restricted after January 1, 2004, this is a big plus. According to JARO spokesperson Dennis Eisen, 'the elimination of lead from our capacitors improves the heat resistance property for reflow (paste) soldering.' This allows higher melting points for the solder to significantly shrink the process window. The new lead-free capacitors compliment JARO's pre-existing lines of lead free chip resistors and inductors.
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