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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Jaro manufactures one of the broadest selections of capacitors, resistors, and thermal products in the world.

For more information about JARO Components, Inc. and its growing list of cutting-edge products, contact Dennis Eisen at 1 (561) 241-6700 (x307) or via E-Mail: d.eisen at jarocomponents dot com
JARO Unveils Rare High Voltage SMD Capacitor
Boca Raton, Florida : May 21, 2003
JARO Components, Inc. is proud to announce a new series of capacitors that combine high temperature and long-life into one"Surface-Mount" Package. Normally a capacitor with these characteristics comes in a through-hole package. The extended longevity of the ACHV is ideal for power supplies, battery chargers, personal computers, and all other power applications. The ACHV performs for an extraordinary 5,000 hours of performance. The unique ACHV series of products successfully satisfies the industry's increasing demand for a high temperature/long-life surface-mount capacitor.

The case sizes range from 10x13.5 to 18 x 21.5.

The operating temperature ranges from -20 to +105C.

The available voltages range from 160 to 450 V DC with a nominal capacitance range of 2.2 to 100F.

The capacitance tolerance is 20%. The pricing for the ACHV is $.75 each at 10,000 pieces with a 10 week lead time.
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